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Importing or exporting all types of merchandise, whether high value loads, grains, general, IMO loads.

Years of experience in the handling of full or consolidated cargo, small or dimensioned, projects, bulk cargoes, refrigerated, using the type of container adapted to each need and with the maritime line of your preference, since we allow ourselves to work with all of them to provide a better service and quality in the service to our customers.

We have a network of more than 500 agents around the world, with whom we maintain an excellent relationship for the
handling and control of each shipment, having warehouses for storage and loading of containers.

- Import Export
- Sea freight FCL, LCL, Open top, Reefer, Flat rack or Platform
- Own offices in Cuidad del Este, Asunción and Montevideo, UY
- Project loads
- Customs clearance
- Constant tracking of your shipments.


Through our modern fleet of trucks we transport containers or general cargo to any point of our territory as well as to the neighboring countries Argentina / Brazil / Chile / Uruguay / Bolivia.

We have container trucks, bulk carriers, vans and trucks for their dimensioned loads.

Our growth in the routes will allow us to provide a logistics solution adapted to each of your needs

- Own fleet
- Satellite tracking
- Issuance of documents
- Door to Door Service


Air freight is most often transported in containers specifically created to fit and be secured in the hold of modern aircraft.

The most important characteristic of this type of transport is speed, becoming an irreplaceable means of transport for perishable products (all types of commodities) and for high value products. We send your cargo from anywhere in the world to your deposit and vice versa.

- Collection at origin
- Daily departures with all airlines
- Notifications of reception and boarding
- Documentation
- Arrival notifications


The advantage of multimodal transport is seen by combining, in the most efficient way, the different modes of transport, by optimizing waiting times, reducing inventory costs and keeping freight costs under control.

This combination translates into greater speed. Using the MONTEVIDEO ports for transshipment /

With the best option in trucks vans, carts or bringing the container directly to your deposit.


Km 16 - Monday - 1000 mts Ruta VII - Minga Guazu - Paraguay 


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